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Richland Elementary School

Safety, sustainability, and schedule are all large components to the success of building a school. The goal is to build a safe place for students and teachers to learn, grow, and use for many years to come.

Precast can withstand damage from extreme conditions including floods, high winds, debris, ice, blasts, and vibrations. It can tolerate freeze-thaw cycles better than other materials and won’t decay or crumble as it expands and contracts. Because of its fire resistance, it can help increase containment times, which ultimately creates safer environments. Building with precast concrete takes up to 60% less time than conventional framing methods. Our vertically integrated process means every solution is engineered and modeled in advance, then fabricated to exacting standards. We manage all of the logistics and can install our products in as little as one week.

Richland elementary school has 140 Insulated wall panels with thin brick and wood grain form liner and 31 6” Solid Panels.







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Miller - Davis Company

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