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Infrastructure products serve a wide arrangement of utilities. These products have low initial costs and require little maintenance throughout the life of the product. The extremely durable features of precast withstand wind, road salt, fire, and high levels of impact. Fabrication and onsite installation are fast, in order to meet construction needs

Preengineered precast are an excellent choice for many infrastructure applications due to the engineered weight bearing ability, and design flexibility. All of our products are plant-fabricated and PCI Certified which provides excellent quality control and speeds up the construction process. Leaving no on site inspections.


Fast Installation

Fabrication and installation happen much faster, speeding up the construction process compared to cast-in-place concrete structures.

Durable + Strong

Precast is extremely durable and can withstand wind, road salt, earthquakes and even fire.

Your Finish, Your Way

We can apply many finishes that apply to retaining walls and soundwalls.

High Quality

Manufactured in a controlled environment allows for low water/cement ratios. This results in a denser concrete material that prevents water penetration, ultimately resulting in a higher quality product. All products are pci certified.

Modular Construction

Our products are engineered and built offsite and delivered complete leaving minimal on-site labor increasing performance and safety on site.

Ultimate Accuracy

Our advanced estimation tools and state-of-the-art equipment mean that we can deliver the most accurate products for supreme fit and finish. And manufacturing all products in a controlled environment means better, faster results on every job.

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Fabcon Precast acquires Michigan-based Kerkstra Precast

Kerkstra has been a leading producer of high-quality precast and prestressed concrete products since 1962. Its comprehensive product offering includes structural and architectural wall panels, hollowcore planks, beams, columns, double tees, stairs and other specialty products

“This transaction is an excellent opportunity for Kerkstra and its employees to align with Fabcon, and we are excited to integrate with the Fabcon team. We are confident that together the Kerkstra business will continue to thrive under Fabcon.” Greg Kerkstra, President and CEO of Kerkstra Precast