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Precast has become a leading building material. To better understand this product and its benefits, we offer sessions that cover all the advantages of structural and architectural precast. Our team will prepare a customized presentation designed to meet your needs, each one qualifying for AIA/CEU learning credits.

Available Learning Units

Roof & Floor

Discuss quality control advantages of manufactured precast/prestressed concrete products

  • Explain when and where precast floor and roof systems are beneficial
  • Review case studies of floor and roof structures


An introduction to the core benefits of architectural precast concrete.

  • Present the benefits of architectural precast through greater quality control, sustainable material choices and design freedom
  • Explain why you should consider a precast concrete system for your next project (design opportunities, comparative materials and their utility and sustainable benefits)
  • Examine the sustainable attributes of precast concrete construction

Integrated Building Design

Highlights the benefits and attributes of precast concrete.

  • Illustrate the flexibility that precast offers design professionals
  • Demonstrate the economic benefits of precast concrete
  • Outline the sustainable attributes of precast concrete
  • Discuss the long-term health benefits of precast concrete for a structure’s inhabitants

Wall Panels

Review the components of precast concrete wall panels.

  • Discuss the thermal capacity of precast concrete wall panels and various insulation materials included
  • Demonstrate the manufacturing of precast concrete and show the many surface aesthetics available on finished wall panels
  • Review the installation of the walls, joint details and connection details
  • View case study examples completed with insulated wall panels

Plant Tour

We invite you to walk through our manufacturing facility.

  • Learn how precast concrete is manufactured
  • See the steps taken to ensure quality product
  • Gain a better understanding of how the product works

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