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Precast walls provide endless options for your next project. Ideal for a variety of buildings including warehouses, schools, or retail stores, Kerkstra wall panels are engineered to maintain structural integrity while delivering custom architectural beauty. With every one of our precast walls, you can expect swift construction, low cost, and a high end finish.


Energy Efficiency

Insulated panels meet the required energy code.

Access + Protection

Shaft walls provide access and protection to construction crews.

Structural Integrity

Shear walls help bear weight and deliver added stability.

Your Finish, Your Way

Exteriors can be beautifully decorated with colored concrete and finished in a number of ways.

Window Installation

Windows can be installed in the panels at our yard to simplify the process at your jobsite.

365 Build

Since our products are produced in our manufacturing facility, we are ready to go no matter the weather.

Ready to Talk About Your Project

If you’re an architect, designer, contractor or homeowner, trust that our precast concrete solutions will open up endless possibilities for your project. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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