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Why Precast

You can achieve your building goals with precast.

We’re changing the way you think about precast concrete by offering uniquely engineered solutions to meet the needs of virtually any space. Every piece of our integrated precast system is designed to work together to create structurally sound, sustainable buildings that can go up in weeks, not months. We achieve this through our comprehensive product offering. Each piece is completely custom and prefabricated for your unique requirements, so you can accomplish any design or architectural goal with precast.


From maintenance and warranty to speed to market, the advantages of precast concrete are endless. Discover how our precast system saves you time and money—while guaranteeing a creative, sustainable structure for years to come.

Speed to Occupancy

Building with precast concrete takes up to 60% less time than conventional framing methods. Our vertically integrated process means every solution is engineered and modeled in advance, then fabricated to exacting standards. We manage all of the logistics and can install our products in as little as one week.

Less Trades Involved

With precast concrete, up to eight less trades are needed. Smaller crews and prefabricated products allow us to install more efficient, even in tight spaces.

Ultimate Accuracy

Our advanced estimation tools and state-of-the-art equipment mean that we can deliver the most accurate products for supreme fit and finish. And manufacturing all products in a controlled environment means better, faster results on every job.

Protection from the Elements

Precast can withstand damage from extreme conditions including floods, high winds, debris, ice, blasts and vibrations. It can tolerate freeze-thaw cycles better than other materials and won’t decay or crumble as it expands and contracts. Because of its fire resistance, it can help increase containment times, which ultimately creates safer environments.

Thermal Efficiency

Given its natural thermal mass benefits, precast concrete can help reduce costs associated with heating and cooling the building. This is especially true during peak seasons because the material is slow to react to outside temperatures. In fact, using a precast insulated thermal mass wall system can be up to 40% more efficient.

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