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Many times structural systems are taken for granted, even as the products are the inherent support for a building. At Kerkstra, all of our precast beams, columns and trusses offer great advantages—and an added edge to your project. Whether it’s parking structures or the framework of commercial buildings, our structural products beautifully complement and meet every architectural requirement.


Durable + Strong

Precast beams, columns and trusses help support heavy loads while being weather resistant.


Inherent fire ratings provide a safer structure versus wood and steel buildings.

Faster Installation

Structures are installed and built more quickly in all weather conditions.

Clean Finish

Beams and columns provide a clean, finished look for the structural component of a building.

Low Cost + Effective

When combined with other precast components, beams and columns deliver a low cost, total precast application.


Precast has high STC values providing a quieter environment within your building.

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