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Floor + Roof

Our floor and roofing solutions deliver the efficiency, safety, and quality control to speed up the construction process. For residential, hospitality, and multi-family applications, we recommend using hollow core. Our stairs and shaft walls allow fire-rated access for final users, removing the need for dangerous scaffolding. For indoor and outdoor stadiums, stadia are the perfect solution—providing necessary flexibility and ultimate weather resistance.


Safety + Flexibility

Our floor and roofing products are perfect for long spans, chemical resistance, and meet fire rating requirements.

Unmatched Durability

High strength concrete provides extreme durability, large load capacity, and helps maintain structural integrity.

Withstands the Elements

Stadia systems can resist jumping fans and icy winters.

Easy Design

Modular pieces ensure a smooth design process with minimal coordination.

Cuts Costs

Hollowcore reduces weight and lowers maintenance costs when compared to other building materials.

Fast Installation

Hollowcore can be installed quickly to keep construction schedules on track to meet project goals.

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