Gordon Food Service

The Gordon Food Service Corporate Headquarters was originally designed with a steel structure and a raised flooring system to accommodate the IT, HVAC and Electrical throughout the building. As the design progressed, the team realized that when hundreds of people and computers are in one area on one floor, the issue of vibrations becomes a concern.

A precast structure is able to accommodate long spans without the vibration. As soon as the team heard about this, they were sold. The drawings were reconfigured and the building was constructed as a total precast structure with architectural precast cladding and glass curtain wall.








Integrated Architecture


Dan Vos Construction

Kerkstra came up with a wonderful solution for a precast building, giving us the ceiling heights and spans that we wanted. They were also able to give us the exterior precast product that was in my mind; over the top. Consistency in color was very important and their guys nailed it!

Kevin Diekevers Gordon Food Service

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