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This project is intended to be an art piece, and they went all in!  These architectural panels show the versatility of precast; bold elegance and rugged durability.  The exterior uses colored concrete with custom reveals, finished with an acid etch.  Inside is 3” of XPS providing edge to edge insulation compliant with the energy code.  All of this is backed up with a robust section of concrete doing all of the structural work, allowing the outside to maintain its aesthetic quality.

The architect on this project approached Kerkstra early in the process to help determine the best way to make this all come together.  This is one of our pillars as a company, Building Indispensable Partnerships.  Coming together as a team is the most effective way to build today, as we are all working towards the same goal.  From design to construction, it is just better if all the experts can contribute to their respective trades in the design process.




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