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Harrison Circle

Harrison Circle is a total precast condo building with parking and first-level retail.  The developer, contractor and design team brought Kerkstra into the mix early to help make this build successful.  We were able to showcase the beauty of gray concrete with a form liner and simplify site construction by maximizing the use of precast.

Window and sliding glass doors were installed in our facility and delivered to the site as one unit.  This minimized the required fall protection on site, making it faster and safer.







General Contractor

AVB Construction Inc

Many compliments from the community on look and construction speed. Also, they had fun watching the erection process!

Jon Durham NoMi Developers LLC

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Fabcon Precast acquires Michigan-based Kerkstra Precast

Kerkstra has been a leading producer of high-quality precast and prestressed concrete products since 1962. Its comprehensive product offering includes structural and architectural wall panels, hollowcore planks, beams, columns, double tees, stairs and other specialty products

“This transaction is an excellent opportunity for Kerkstra and its employees to align with Fabcon, and we are excited to integrate with the Fabcon team. We are confident that together the Kerkstra business will continue to thrive under Fabcon.” Greg Kerkstra, President and CEO of Kerkstra Precast