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Precast concrete is the optimal choice for a warehouse as it is a sustainable solution with incredible durability, fire resistance, and sound/vibration reduction. This warehouse project consisted of over 16,000 square feet of hollowcore and nearly 19,000 square feet of insulated composite wall panels.For a more aesthetically pleasing front, the insulated precast wall panels were finished with reveals around the warehouse.








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Design and detailing interface was seamless, even throwing in an additional hollowcore mezzanine just as it was going into fabrication.

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Fabcon Precast acquires Michigan-based Kerkstra Precast

Kerkstra has been a leading producer of high-quality precast and prestressed concrete products since 1962. Its comprehensive product offering includes structural and architectural wall panels, hollowcore planks, beams, columns, double tees, stairs and other specialty products

“This transaction is an excellent opportunity for Kerkstra and its employees to align with Fabcon, and we are excited to integrate with the Fabcon team. We are confident that together the Kerkstra business will continue to thrive under Fabcon.” Greg Kerkstra, President and CEO of Kerkstra Precast