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The MSU GRIP parking garage was one of the first precast parking garages that Kerkstra has done where BIM was used prior to ticketing to coordinate the penetrations. With over 590 precast pieces, the parking garage is a total precast project.

The garage is designed with a future multi-story structure over half of it.  The loads from this structure created large columns, shear walls with pilasters, and unique laterals loads on the West side. Installation of precast pieces started on June 22nd, 2020 and finished on August 24th, 2020.  This was an 8-week schedule including July 4th and two rain days.

On this project site was also a 6-Story existing MOB and a new 6-Story MOB/Research center being constructed behind this parking garage. During construction of the new 6-Story MOB/Research structure, the precast erection had to be coordinated around delivery and installation of the structural steel, metal deck, and deck pours of this building behind it and the access to the occupied MOB. Crane logistics, access, and street closures all presented challenges for our team to overcome. The MOB/Research structure, was steel framed and stared installation on April 16th, 2020, and topped out on August 15th, with decking still to be completed.  The speed of precast enclosure construction was clearly demonstrated in this side by side construction project.




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Kerkstra Precast and their erector Assemblers Precast & Steel Services, Inc. not only meet expectations on the MSU GRIP Parking Garage but actually completed the erection of the garage ahead of schedule. There is a great deal of planning, fabrication, coordination, delivery, and sequencing logistics that goes into a successful project of this size and Kerkstra met the challenge and delivered! Thank you, Kerkstra!”

Eric Ferguson Senior Project Manager at The Walsh Group

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