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Wayne County Criminal Justice Center

Wayne County Criminal Justice Center consists of four buildings including a sheriff and administration building, courthouse, adult detention facility, and juvenile detention facility. With a total of 4,104 pieces, this is our largest project to date.

The double tees for the project were produced in our Trenton plant and the remaining pieces, including 1,039 architectural panels, were produced in our Grandville plant. The architectural panels on each of the four buildings have a combination of a dark gray acid washed concrete at the lower level panels while the upper levels are an acid-washed white concrete finish. Initially, the project was designed as a steel structure with a precast facade. After working with them and our engineering sub, PTAC, we were able to show them the value precast offers and the project was converted to total precast structures. All four buildings are scheduled to be installed by the end of this year.




Wayne County




Rock Ventures Development



General Contractor

Barton Malow Company

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