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With Onsite Delivery and Installation

Precast is faster.

Our vertically integrated process means every solution is engineered and modeled in advance, then fabricated to exacting standards. So by the time the components arrive on-site, all that’s left to do is unload, assemble and secure.

  • Great for Architects and Engineers. We manage all aspects of the project from design to installation, helping mitigate risk and stress. We design and draw our own products. This reduces the work you have to do to accelerate your process and increases your capacity.
  • Great for Building Owners and Developers. With our in-house engineering team, you can have peace of mind knowing your projects will be completed accurately and on time. By approaching us early in the process, you can mitigate the design lead time to expedite the schedule for the whole process, particularly how quickly the building is enclosed.
  • Great for General Contractors. Our end-to-end expertise results in accurate estimates, controlled fabrication, and managed installation, so all you need to worry about is coordinating with our team. We are interested in the success of your whole project and assist you to ensure the best way to complete the job, which is usually the fastest way for us.

Compare your Options.

Building with precast takes up to 60% less time than conventional framing methods. *Based on a 40,000 SF, two-story office structure.

Total Precast Wood Steel Masonry
Schedule 15 days for Installation 60 days for Framing 45 days for Framing 75 Days for Framing
Extra Labor Scheduling? You tell us when to start and we handle delivery and installation from there Yes Yes Yes
Weather Delays? Minimal, high wind and lightning Yes Yes Yes
Site Laydown Just in Time Delivery Lumber All Pieces Lots of Space

Speed for Multifamily

  • 28 Grand: In just five months, Kerkstra helped design, manufacture, and construct a 13-story, sustainable structure that fits seamlessly into the growing Central Business District of Detroit, MI.
  • “Once it was time for delivery and installation of the precast, Kerkstra successfully met the requirements of a very aggressive schedule.” Timothy Stout, O’Neal Construction

Speed for Education

  • Kirtland Community College: Speed was a focus in this project. The structural steel contractor followed directly behind us, putting the roof on the building so that the structure was enclosed allowing other trades to work in an insulated enclosed heated space.
  • “The speed and efficiency with which this building came together is phenomenal. Without Kerkstra Precast, this project would not have been completed in such a timely and cost-efficient manner.” Jason Broge, Kirtland Community College

Speed for Industrial

  • The developer approached us early in the process and gave Kerkstra the freedom to optimize the building. This allowed for an accelerated shop ticketing phase due to increased repetition. On the job site, the interior steel was set in advance of the walls, such that the roof steel could be set around the exterior right behind the precast, enclosing the building very rapidly.
  • “Without the Kerkstra team, and the innovative thinking on both of our parts, we never would have been able to complete this project on time and on budget. This being our first precast building constructed we couldn’t have found a better partner.” Jason Anstandig, Lakeshore Contracting

Speed for Parking Structures

  • Bridge Street Market: A parking structure provided maximum space to allow fluent traffic in busy locations. The design team made a late addition of precast framing for solar panels on the roof of the parking structure. Precast made all of this possible. It not only eliminated additional trades, but it allowed the solar frame to be installed concurrently with the parking structure. With precast concrete, all the product was made at our production facility and shipped to the site daily to be installed into place.
  • “Kerkstra was easy to work with. Their knowledge on schedule and sequencing of the parking structure allowed us to take the appropriate time to facilitate logistics. Once construction started on the precast parking deck, I was impressed with how quickly things moved along!” Dan Clappison, Rockford Construction

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