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The 13-story Marriott Residence Inn is a total precast structure with 146 rooms and retail space on the ground level. The unique shape of the building presented the opportunity to create custom forms. The exterior has three separate radiused pieces, the nose at 13’-1”, the corners at 8’- 4” and the back wall at 115’-11”. All three radiuses have separate formwork, and each radius had five separate exterior profiles. The building was coordinate with BIM to ensure proper geometry, including the triangular core. This was also used to review and coordinate for formwork, which was made of steel.

This is the first Hybrid Framing system used in Michigan. Hybrid Framing is a steel composite beam and column system utilizing a cast in place filling in conjunction with precast hollow-core slabs and precast load-bearing walls. It provides for a thinner floor profile vs. other systems, does not require fireproofing, and can mimic the same properties of a cast in place system.




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