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601 Bond

601 Bond is a new, 16-story multi-family development with a modern, high-end appearance with views of the Grand River and downtown Grand Rapids. It contains 202 apartment units, five stories of parking (219 spaces), and 4,100 SF of storefront for retail or restaurant use. Specific goals of this project included using brick while maintaining a modern appearance that blends into its surroundings. Precast allowed the use of brick that fits into the neighborhood in a contemporary fashion, in addition to its durability, longevity, and scheduling benefits. An innovative material used is the skin of the parking deck. It was designed in a fractal pattern, combined with a pattern of acid-etched and acid-washed brick to create the desired aesthetic while also providing a fire-resistant barrier.




Grand Rapids




Pioneer Construction

The choice of red-blended brick was made in order to use a material that is contextual to the area but used in a modern way. Precast allowed us to do this, while also providing durability and scheduling benefits. Both small and full-size mock-ups were critical to establishing the quality control parameters for the blending of the inlaid brick and addition to the uniformity of the acid-etched and aggregate finishes of the full precast.

Thomas Tooley, AIA Executive Vice President, Ghafari

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